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The word Lamp posts give very traditional feeling, we can imagine the elegance of the earlier times, where lamp posts have added and unbeatable ambiance to the palaces of ancient times. The Lamp posts can be contemporary, traditional or a combination of both. The tradition started in Japan as a part of Buddhist culture but the practical aspect soon took over and lights became famous all over the world. These days we use electrical light bulbs but not very long back the traditional kerosene or oil lamps and candles were burnt to these Lamp posts. Some still install those to give the Garden an antique touch. The lanterns or lampposts can be made with many contemporary shapes and sizes. Crafts House Merchandising offers an exclusive range of such Lampposts which will make your garden look much more beautiful as it would be otherwise. The lighted Lampposts will make you feel like Stars came down to your Garden. Crafts House Merchandising Manufactures a wide variety of Lampposts with variety of colors and dimensions. Crafts House merchandising offers to manufacture you variety of Lampposts as per your specifications. Overall Crafts House Merchandising offers customized solutions to its customers.

Design Code : CHM-LMP-4001

Design Code : CHM-LMP-4002

Design Code : CHM-LMP-4003

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Design Code : CHM-LMP-4012
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