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We can be a purchase Agent for you to facilitate your purchase in India. This service is mainly to support import companies in other continent. We do research of products, purchase, inspection etc.

At a glance, the function of merchandiser is un-useful. But looking for new products is not an easy task. So we do it for you with your collaboration, as a part of your team. After finding products, probably, in normal cases, there are several phases that the purchaser should travel to the seller's office to negotiate conditions, inspections until the shipment of merchandises. If you are far from such seller, it is sometimes hesitating to make a business trip which costs too much and time consuming. On behalf of your company, we will act as an merchandiser and take care until the shipment. Actually, we have seen many cases that the delivery date were not respected, received different merchandises. Between sellers and buyers, we act to synchronize the transaction, so that even you are distance away from India, you do not worry about your delivery and quality of merchandises.

We offer this service for companies who need a permanent Sourcing in India, looking for merchandises and controlling your purchased goods.

We are also to serve you for short period of time to do some partial

The meaning of merchandiser is not only buying the merchandises which the client asked to purchase, but to avoid any problems, take prompt reaction incase of trouble, inspection of merchandises, control the delivery schedule, providing best competitive rates in the market etc. This function is very important for your company.

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