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A stool is a single seat, back less and armless resembling a pedestal. They are used for sitting purposes and reaching the higher unreachable places. They may be cushioned for commonly used in homes and commercial places like hotels. The stools may be given intricate angles and curves to give a traditional or contemporary look. The basic design of the stool remains the same. They may be inlayed, painted or structures in different ways to enhance the aesthetic value. Crafts House merchandising offers such stools in Silver, white metal and wood. Crafts House merchandising offers to manufacture such stools for you as per your preferences. Overall Crafts House Merchandising offers customized solutions to its customers.

Design Code : CHM-WM-2001

Design Code : CHM-WM-2002

Design Code : CHM-WM-2101

Design Code : CHM-WM-2102

Design Code : CHM-WM-2125
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